Charcoal ovens for sale – the best charcoal baking flavour in an oven

Charcoal ovens are mainly associated with burning heat and extremely high temperature, where typical meal can stand only a quick warming. Not necessarily so – it is possible to use charcoal oven for baking, and with a great success too. Naturally, whether it will work or not is partly connected with the charcoal ovens properties, which can be either pushed toward full burning mayhem, or tempered a bit to make the oven more suitable to slow baking. Our product line features specially designed slow baking charcoal ovens for sale. This way we provide the ultimate charcoal flavour in an oven, which is closest to an outdoor charcoal solution. You`d like to have a home made coal-fired bread in your restaurant? Nothing easier – simply use our slow burning charcoal ovens.

Is there any difference in how to use a charcoal oven for baking?

You may already know that charcoal ovens require certain expertise and culinary experience. This is mostly due to the high running temperatures they are operating on, which might cause burns. We try to prevent such situations with innovations construction-wise – all of our ovens feature a non-penetrable hood and separate coal and warming cabinets for greater safety. The same applies for our charcoal ovens for baking, which run on a significantly less temperature though. This affects the choice of menu rather than handling – try baked potato instead of coal-fired pizza.

We know how to make a charcoal oven for all possible purposes

Our charcoal ovens can be used in practically any kitchen type with no need for modifications. Since they don`t require any separate extensions, simply place them wherever the ventilation pipe is. Due to the fact that the radiant heat is kept at its lowest levels, and that the reinforced hood prevents the sparks flowing out of the cabinet, it`s perfectly safe to use our charcoal ovens in front of guests. We have an exclusive line of charcoal ovens for sale, capable of delivering finest meals in every situation.

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