Charcoal oven for authentic grilling flavor

Charcoal oven is a multifunctional product, which combines a grill and an oven in just one appliance and enables faster, more practical and foremost tastier food preparation. Charcoal flavor in oven offers richer and unmistakable taste, associated with picnics. At home, you can treat your family and friends with perfect dishes, prepared in the charcoal oven, restaurants will attract more customers and with it you can bring your catering services to another level. We only offer the best charcoal oven brands and ensure the highest quality, which means that all your expenses will be reimbursed very quickly. With our Kopa charcoal oven you can benefit from modern gastronomy and achieve perfect texture, succulent juiciness, enrapture the guests with the authentic grilling smell and get perfect smoked charcoal flavor in oven.

Achieve original charcoal flavor in oven

Nothing says summer like an outside charcoal oven. Achieving perfect charcoal flavor in oven is simple with our products. Even without outstanding skills any food, prepared in the charcoal oven, will surpass all your expectations and bring other health benefits:
– less fat: getting charcoal flavor in oven is not the only benefit of our product. The charcoal oven also ensures you eat less fat, because we need minimal amount of oil to prepare the most succulent dish;
– nutrients: food, prepared in the charcoal oven, retains all the nutritive substances, which benefit your health,
– original taste: we need to use less fat and less spices to bring out the best charcoal flavor in oven, which allows you to taste the actual flavor of the food.

Cooking with charcoal oven

Charcoal oven was specially designed for meat preparation, but the advancement in technology and gastronomy progressed to a point, where you can prepare almost anything, using our products. With meat, fish and vegetables, you can achieve the authentic charcoal flavor, in oven you can also prepare pizza and, maybe surprisingly, even deserts. No challenge is too big for our charcoal oven, of that we are sure. The charcoal oven in a restaurant attracts more people, however it will also add value to your home. With just this small addition you will surely spend more time outside (if you decide on the outside charcoal oven), however if you don’t want to limit yourself to one function, you can choose portable charcoal bbq oven, which can easily be transported from the kitchen to the garden. With our charcoal oven you don’t need to depend on electricity or gas, which means you will not only benefit from the charcoal flavor, but oven can also be used independently of the electricity.

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