Charcoal fired oven for professional and private use

Kopa charcoal fired oven functions extremely well in the professional use, but can benefit your home too! Many restaurants, bars and catering companies use it to expand their gastronomic experience and you can bring some of the restaurant flavours directly to your home! Charcoal baking oven can be used as a conventional grill and an oven at the same time, with it you can prepare meat, seafood, most of the side dishes and vegetables, the outdoor charcoal pizza oven is a wonderful appliance for baking pizza, flatbread and even desserts. The versatility of the charcoal fired ovens is astonishing!


Is outdoor charcoal pizza oven really good for making pizza?

Yes, yes it is! It has long been believed that the charcoal fired ovens only offer classical grilli

ng options, but with the technological development we’ve also improved the way we see and use the charcoal ovens. They heat up very quickly and once they reach the desired temperature, it remains constant. The high temperature and the consistency of it enables us to easily prepare most of our favourite food in the outdoor charcoal pizza oven. Pizza, prepared with the outdoor charcoal pizza oven, is far superior to the one, baked in an electric or gas oven.We offer you some ideas how to prepare pizza in the outdoor charcoal pizza oven, which will surprise even you.


  • For the dough you can use any recipe that you like, but make sure to roll or flatten it a bit thinner than usual.
  • If you’re using fresh meat or seafood, we recommend to fry or bake them in advance, the same goes for some hard ra
    w vegetables, like carrots.
  • Heat the charcoal fired oven. For the traditional Italian pizza, heat up your oven to 370 degrees Celsius.
  • Shape your pizza and add the toppings (very often – less is better).
  • Put the pizza into your charcoal fired oven. The crust will puff up immediately, the baking time will, however, depend on the temperature. The classical pizza Napoletana is done in 60 to 90 seconds, but yours might take a couple of minutes more. It is done when the crust is nicely browned, cheese melted and other toppings are bubbling.


Why choose Kopa charcoal fired oven?


In many ways Kopa charcoal fired oven surpasses other alternatives. It is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances on the market and an extremely high quality kitchenware which will last for years. It has been developed in Slovenia and is a result of many years of research and improvements, the charcoal consumption is low, it’s versatile and of an elegant and appealing design, which blends perfectly with any kitchen. The charcoal flavor in oven gives the food its unique taste and using it is really almost as simple as putting charcoal in oven and enjoying the results.

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