About the company and grill oven production

Our story starts in 1972, when we started with the production of sheet metal products. Kops pro d.o.o. remained in business for the next 40 years in various forms, but technological challenges and the desire to put something special on the market were always in our mind. We managed to take advantage of our sheet-metal experience and continued involvement with professional kitchen equipment and put it to good use to make our technological pride and joy the Kopa grill charcoal oven.


We strive to achieve the highest quality in our grill charcoal ovens, which is why we select our materials carefully and choose only the best. Our grill oven production process is characterised by reliability and a high level of repeatability, which is guaranteed with the use of the latest laser and robot technology and with attention to detail. We value durability and so we do our best to design our products so that you will be able to use them for many years to come.


The Kopa brand was established as a result of increased demand for this type of grill charcoal oven in the global market and due to the excellent concept that perfectly complements the vision and philosophy of Kops pro d.o.o.



Company name: KOPS PRO, proizvodnja plo?evinastih izdelkov d.o.o.
Abbreviated company name: Kops pro d.o.o.
Head office: Industrijska cesta 5, 1290 Grosuplje
Registration No.: 3614425000
Tax No.: SI56941285
Bank account: IBAN SI56 3000 0000 8342 230 (Sberbank d.d.)
General manager: Ivan Garbas
Email: info@kops.si
Telephone: 01 788 8400
Fax: 01 788 8405



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