BBQ with charcoal oven - Kopa 500SOC

This mobile outdoor charcoal BBQ oven unites models "S" and "OC". Use the storage space under the BBQ with oven to store cooking utensils, which will help you work faster and more efficiently - even in front of guests. The heated rack of the outdoor charcoal BBQ oven is used for disposal of food and utensils and for keeping food warm. Added wheels make the BBQ oven a mobile unit which can be moved inside the restaurant or outdoors, depending on your needs.

Wheels are optional.


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Charcoal ovens for sale consist from quality materials that ensure ling-term use of charcoal ovens. You can choose from a variety of different types of charcoal ovens. Choose built in charcoal BBQ with oven which will give you a chance to prepare the best steaks with consistent texture and delicious smoky aroma. In addition, in charcoal oven you can prepare many other types of food, such as pizzas, fish and even vegetables. Charcoal ovens for sale will reduce cooking time and will speed up your cooking process by 30% or more. This will allow cooks to move quickly and effectively around the kitchen – even in front of your guests. Compared to charcoal ovens of other brands, Kopa charcoal ovens have low charcoal consumption. Furthermore, using high-quality charcoal makes Kopa grill charcoal ovens more efficient than comparable electric or gas ovens. In case of any further questions about our brand of charcoal ovens, built in charcoal BBQ with oven or charcoal ovens for sale please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Bbq with charcoal oven type 500soc

Available in these colours:

Shiny Metal & Gold

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